Hobby Show Report Part.2

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Hobby Show Report Part.2
Under the worldwide pandemic of flu, how are you doing, guys ?
TOMEKO is fine.

Let me again introduce highlighted products at the Hobby Show in Shizuoka pref.

MS-07B Gouf Ver.2.0 (MG)
MS-07B Gouf Ver.2.0 (MG)

Thinking that it can move like other Ver.2.0 kits which have been released for a couple of years, I am really looking forward to the release of this Gouf.
Of course I like Gouf, but I would prefer Gouf customs Ver.2.0. And I can't wait for it.
I'm very much excited to see the fully unrealistic but cool shield with a gatling gun.
TOMEKO loving rugged arms can be unconcious, seeing Gouf Custom.
In addition to this, the pilot named Norris looks too cool !

Of course Ramba Ral is also cool, though.

I like you boy

I recommend you this for Gouf lovers and ladies who loves cool middle-aged men.

Hi-v Gundam (HGUC)
Hi-v Gundam

Finally Hi-v Gundam is coming up from HGUC series from which products of "Char's Counter Attack" have been released.
Elaborate face design, simple coloring overall, and so on, it must be enjoyable to compare Hi-v Gundam and v Gundam.

I think calf circumference looks quite stylish.
Actually Hi-v Gundam's design is elaborate but its silhouette unexpectedly looks simple.
I'm not familiar with plastic models at all, but I often feel I would like to purchase Gunplas because they look very cool even in Sugumi.

Dash-01 Super Emperor
Dash-01 Super Emperor

Suddenly this is Mini 4WD here.
Wow my old memory of "Dash! Yonkuro" and "Let's & Go!!" poped up in my mind.
I'm not sure if the car speeds up when the operator scream and anyway it could be a good way to run with your car and take back your pure heart in your childhood.

Blue Thunder (w/Metal Gatling Gun)
Blue Thunder

This is the armed helicopter from the movie and TV drama called Blue Thunder.
Unfortunately I do not know the original movie and drama but it looks really cool.
Basically the genre of armed helicopter is something like bingo for me and therefore I'm again excited to see its beautiful design showing 80s atomosphere with many flat panels and the outstanding gatling gun.

When it comes to aremed helicopter, I think Apache which was introduced by Japan Ground Self-Defense Force is originally famous.........
I should finish before I loose the main plot, Hobby Show lol

See you next time by TOMEKO (My spirit is always 14 years old.)

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