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Naro20850 Late Type (Naro31790~ - Naro21010~) Total Kit (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)

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Manufacturer:Kings Hobby
Scale:N Scale , 1/150
Material:Brass , PS
Series:Unassembled Kit , Passenger Car
Release Date : Mid Aug., 2011
List Price : 6,160yenabout57.04USD
Sales Price : 5,600yenabout51.85USD
Points Acquired : 56pointsOther Currencies
Item code:PW-1336T
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Naro20850 Late Type (Naro31790~ - Naro21010~) Total Kit (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)
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Item pictureNaro20850 Late Type (Naro31790~ - Naro21010~) Total Kit (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train) Item picture1

- Taisho-early Showa main passenger

- Large wooden carriages (17 m level).
- PEW Series consists of plastic and metal. Also available assembled with adhesives.
※ This product requires cutting and patching the roof.
※ The optional completion (dolly TR11, including Inreta) is required.
For more information, please read the instructions provided.

- Railways (Railway Ministry) coaches, the 1927 (1927) first appeared in the steel car, shortly thereafter,
32 000 new passenger cars are made of Okha form (form 31 Okha later) I went to move the car, such as steel,
Prior to that, the era of coaches followed Wooden went long.
- 1921 (1921), and previous coaches (such as shape Hoha 12000) than the body width to body height
22 000 with a much broader form of Naha (24 400 initially Hoha form) appeared, such as a large body of this
Vehicles equipped with the 1928 (1928) are summarized in the form of thousands of title provisions of the revised 20000,
[Large passenger] was referred. Many of the large passenger cars, two-axis on the vehicle class bogie 17 m
Was equipped with a dolly, such as vehicles for express, the bogey-class 3-axis body 20 m
The format includes a trolley has been manufactured.
- Production of passenger cars 輌数 large, just for form 22000 Naha representative form, as a form of carriage is
And in 1669 the most 輌, such as a whole are prepared 輌 about 3900, ever since
備 been increased mass will form the core of the time. Afterwards, the cars again and again increase steel
With the use of honors went by train to decrease, sleeper and dining cars are 1931 (1931)
Since been converted into a baggage car and luggage case, such as car manufacturing, car converted into a cattle car as the two most part are two
You are such a lot of cars are now losing the original honors within the war. On the other hand,
In the trains will continue to be used as a main and a cattle car, even after the war, local line
Not only was alive and that is also used in trains, such as infection. However, after the war wartime
Was becoming increasingly outdated because there is also abuse, 1949 (1949) and later, a passenger on a wooden bed frame
Embodied in steel carriages to be used (such as a form of Okha 61) is underway to modify, 1956 (1956) before,
As sales of railway vehicles disappeared.
- King's hobby is commercialized in many 1 / 150 scale steel railway coaches ever
That we, together with their steel carriages, were used in such large and express trains
Each form of wooden coaches is scheduled for release in sequence.
- A first step, the three forms of Naha and · Nahafu 22 000 20 850 24 000 · Naro, step,
Three other baggage car, we also plan to release the baggage cars.

[Late form of Naro 20 850]
- Out of 20 850 narrow-shaped car seat includes a second-shift formula, or the Late Model at regular intervals along the outside windows.
(~ 31790 31869-21099 Narrow)
- Other features same as Naha 22000.

[Naha 22 000]
- 3.4 initially express train (after the [cherry]) was used, but the representative form of large wooden carriage, shape Naha 22 000
Or a model. (Hoha 24400 → 24400 → Naha Naha 22000)
This product has to take a position based on a typical late-type gutter is, the lower middle of the roof gutter
You are also considering production of a type structure attaches to the previous year. (Change the position of the gutter adhesive)
- Body, 明Kari窓, flooring, interior dividers are made of etched brass plate. The floor is etched nickel silver truss rod
Operating painful. Some ventilators are Purapatsu floor equipment.
- Floor, the bed frame below represent the lower deck side wall and part of the single step, without compromising the appearance
Facilitate the assembly.
- Underfloor equipment, vacuum brake and the initial appearance, or air damping can be selected later. (Brake vacuum etching
By the group board shorthand. )
- Hood of the old type (upper left) to reproduce the parts shipped.
- Toilets in the car. Bathroom accessories such as dividers.
- Were installed at the initial appearance of the manufacturer, shipped in hard hats are made out of a window etched nickel silver plate.
(In the vehicle is assumed to remove later)

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size/Weight : 17.3 x 7.7 x 2.2 cm / 77g
Explanation in Japanese

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Naro20850 Late Type (Naro31790~ - Naro21010~) Total Kit (Unassembled Kit) (Model Train)
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