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Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure)

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Release Date : Mid Dec., 2013
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Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure)
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PackageTony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Package1
Item pictureTony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture1Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture2Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture3Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture4Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture5Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture6Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Item picture7See more...
Other pictureTony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Other picture1Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Other picture2Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure) Other picture3
Item series :

This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright Tony
Height: approx 250mm.
See Tony`s Heroine Collection [Innocent Fairy] Freesia (PVC Figure) also.

* This item is covered in this Hobby Search Blog entry!

- <Fairy's peace and well-being>

- Popular illustrator, Tony to three-dimensional motif charming illustrations drawn by Mr. [Tony`s heroine Collection - beautiful wings like a butterfly (wing) and the black hair is eye-catching girl, yellow [piece ★ over par] This is Daisy appeared!
- Distinctive wing is, so that it shines brilliantly by the degree of light in addition to the sense of transparency, it has undergone a painting of Pearl texture to clear parts.
- In addition, ribbon and dresses, plenty of use is also clear material in costume, such as boots, not only the thin fabric of sheer representation by the transmission of light, by reducing the deep shadows overlap make of each other parts, of illustrations We realized pale color like.
- Base becomes a saucer-shaped by reversing the outer edge parts, for example in the flower arrangement using a commercially available artificial flowers, etc., such as the colorful display that is the image of a background of the original illustrations, the base of your own in your ideas and sense it has become capable of making.
- I invested the know-how far Mr. accumulated in the character of the figure of the design Tony, commitment figures is the long-awaited appearance than [Four Reeves] label!

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 33.6 x 21.2 x 17.2 cm / 865g
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Tony`s Heroine Collection [Peace Keeper] Daisy (PVC Figure)
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This item scores 4.83.
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29 posts
1:TomoTomo: 2013/07/04 18:12:37
I think this is a really pretty representation
of Tony's work, he's a fantastic artist and
deserves a statue that represents his talent
(apart from the "H" statues that have come
out recently which I also own;);)) as a artist
so I hope they bring out more of his work
safe art as the things we all like.
5 stars and very much pre-ordered
2:Mari90: 2013/07/04 23:58:19
Hear hear! Moar 'safe' art!
3:okami22: 2013/07/05 3:18:29
Were they selling like 10 of them?! It's already sold out on every other site I visited, in one day!
4:zerg: 2013/07/05 5:03:15
wtf she wasn't even up for more than an hour and its sold out! NOOO!
5:Shirou Emiya: 2013/07/05 5:37:02
Couldn't get it but I got my friend to. So i can still take photos of her woohoo! Love Tony Taka!
6:none: 2013/07/05 14:02:19
Yeah.. the fact that it sold out and only got up to rank 8 on top weekly sales means this is a really small production run :( Oh well, guess they dont want my money
7:Okami22: 2013/07/05 14:09:13
Never mind, they put her up for reserve again. Got a second chance to pre order
and now I have secured my order.
8:Archer24: 2013/07/05 15:54:23
Pre-ordered, it's really pretty and really brings out Tony's art.
9:hint: 2013/07/05 16:17:18
honestly, this is kotobukiya, I bet the price will drop to $65 USD in 3 months on or Kirin saying.
10:None? Ok: 2013/07/06 0:45:43
But still....instant preorder! The latest Tony's figures were not that great, I love this one!
11:Aru: 2013/07/06 4:51:49
This is an amazing figure.... i just hope the one i get is as good as the model
12:abcd: 2013/07/06 22:29:11
Got one on the second batch here ... sold out pretty much everywhere on the web now.
13:Chriz: 2013/07/08 7:24:07
Its a 1/6 figure though. Not bad for its price.
14:hien: 2013/07/08 14:05:28
Koto final products usually as good as the model but many of them have minor defects like molding and paint not perfect.
15:No Name: 2013/07/08 15:25:57
Would be nice to have another pre-order. So many wish-listed it.
16:lolikami: 2013/07/09 21:42:04
anyone or just me that her eye kinda look like ahegao lol..
17:Kazuki: 2013/07/10 2:57:09
What? Did you say ahegao? I don't see anything.
18:hien: 2013/07/10 16:20:35
it face looklikes Misty kotobukiya, but i think Misty koto is better.
19:LoliKami: 2013/07/10 17:04:53
just my feeling lol

well, whatever...

20:Chriz: 2013/07/10 23:06:33
I found that Koto is usually unable to bring out the liveliness of a character. Shining Hearts Rouna is one example (apart from her FLAT BOTTOM which is the worst part).

Take a look at the art work from Tony and compare with the figure. The figure looks like its posting for a photo shoot, whereas the character in the art work looks like someone snapped a picture of her smiling live.

Some GSC figures have that liveliness, and I think Koto needs to do the same.
21:@Chriz: 2013/07/16 16:11:27
yup you are very right. I think her face is really off, especially her mouth. Also, lolikami is a crazy pervert, everything he sees is ahegao.....
22:No Name: 2013/07/29 14:26:46
please get more in stock! T__T i can't find her anywhere else!
23:Chriz: 2013/08/26 20:52:09
Heres more stock. Now is your chance.
24:1man, @Chriz: 2013/08/28 5:19:28
facepalm when people compare either Alter, Koto, or Megahouse to GSC. GSC makes great figures+quality control, but they also have 10+ versions of the same figure(diff.outfits etc). once/twice a year will they have this "figure o life" people speak of that's not part of their milking line. I believe that a piece of artwork in whatever form its in is given life by its creator unto its viewer.
25:Chriz: 2013/08/28 23:18:07
It matters not how many figures of the same character is produced. It is about the quality and acceptability by the audience. Art is always dependent on personal taste, so as a result it is susceptible to comparisons and criticisms. Same for other arts, e.g. movies.

The bar is set very high when you try to model artwork by Tony Taka. Having said that, seeing how the reopening of pre-order sold out in 2 days, I'd say the producer is enjoying good success. Te sale result speaks for itself.
26:5643: 2014/01/24 5:49:44
I've always thought Taka's art was overrated but the way this figure turned out makes her well worth purchasing. Unfortunately, I missed out though.
27:wee: 2014/01/25 14:55:26
I was refreshing my watch list and suddenly saw this one "CART" . i purchased in 2 seconds. Right after this, it appeared "Sold Out" again. I think I've got a very good luck!!!! >V<
31:Harry: 2015/10/20 13:26:22
This is a must buy!
32:Vince: 2016/03/05 12:48:00
Get yourself RESERVE cause this one is a cutie!!!, Really brightens my day every morning everytime a look at it.
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