Sought-after Item Sold-out

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Sought-after Item Sold-out
Hi, there! This is Tomeko.

Some of the HOBBY SEARCH staff are coughing right and left these days, and, although I have tested negative on Swine Flu, I’m still having to struggle with coughing spells. I don’t know what this is.

Now, something I had wanted so badly was released last month. I wanted to buy it on the spot but I had to postpone it for financial reasons.
And, just when my payday has finally arrived and I am ready to buy the item, it is...


And which one am I talking about?
This one.

S.H. Figuarts Kyouka Gaikokkaku Zeroready for action

Yes, the exoskeleton “Zero” from the Takayuki Yamaguchi’s masterpiece “Apocalypse Zero.” This action manga produced by the macho manga artist is a bit on the “sticky” side, not exactly the lighthearted type most of our customers might be accustomed to, but it is nonetheless a very very exciting piece of work. Please give it a read if it is available at your local bookstores.


No other figure can sit so solemn, I think.

indomitable resolve

A famous line from the manga, “Losing is not a shame, but refusing to fight is!” is my favorite one. My postponing buying the item and failing to get it in the end is just as great a shame.

The moral of this blog: Put it in the cart while you have the chance.

Take care!

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