[Began Reservation!] Dead Master –original version- [20% off!]

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[Began Reservation!] Dead Master –original version- [20% off!]
Second day at work, Tominon here hello!

Today, we will be looking at the item that began reservation today,

[Dead Master –original version-]!!
Dead Master –original version-

The rival of Black★Rock Shooter chan,
here is Dead Master san!

This figure of Dead Master san has been produced from the illustration by the original artist huke, hence "original version"!

Following Black★Rock Shooter chan, I have to say,
Big Rugged Weapon + Cute Girl = Unstoppable!
...that's my opinion, yes. The coloring, the molding, it just grabbed my heart and won't let go. They really do such great work!

You might think this Dead Master san might seem to lack skin exposure compared to Black★Rock Shooter chan, but not true. Whehehe... don't worry, its there! An exposure point!

And you can see it, when looking from a low angle.

Dead Master 

original version
You can see her hip!!

The string tied like a ribbon at the side just seems soooo fragile! Just stunning!
It might become undone just by a faint touch!
Its... its gonna be difficult to suppress the urges to pull it...!
But you can't see the underwear, could it be that she isn't wea...cough cough cough!


Dead Master 

original version
The widely open back!

*breaths heavily... while drooling*

Looking from the front, its just a soft looking dress,
but the view from the back is just super sexy! I've soo fallen for her!
Such quality finish, with the elements of both innocence and maturity!

Dead Master 

original version

The smile within the darkness......!

Gosh, so petrifying...!
I really wonder what kinda personality this girl have.
I can't wait to see these girls in action, moving around in the anime!

The hair of Black★Rock Shooter chan was a shade of blue that's close to black, but Dead Master san has green hair that's close to black.
It really matches her eyes very nicely!
We can feel the passion they put into her!

Also, the skull with the green eyes is able to be detached, so

Dead Master 

original version

You can make her hold a chain!

The chain is flexible, so you can tangle it around her arms or legs or whatever else you can think of, allowing you to freely enjoy it.

But gosh, the enormous scythe is seriously so wicked!!
Big Rugged Weapon + Cute Girl = Unstoppable! (I had to say this twice, as its important)

Apparently the scythe has a name too!
And the name is "Dead Scythe"! How scary!
Then again, the name "Dead Master" is also scary on its own.
Gosh I can't wait to find out what the story will be like in the anime >_<
And my imagination won't stop either >_<

Black Rock Shooter
Dead Master san with a girly twisted hair, and Black★Rock Shooter chan with a boyish shorts and a serious expression.
It would be sooo great to display the two with very contrasting atmosphere together!
(please note that the figurine of Black★Rock Shooter is currently sold out, 22/06/2010 at present. Let's hope they will re-release it!)
Dead Master 

original version

1/8 scale "Dead Master –original version-" by Good Smile Company!

Started taking pre-prders as of today, the 22nd of June!
With a special price at 20% off!

Special price achieved at the sacrifice of the Boss' wage! This is a great buy~!

PLUS! You get Hobby Search Points for it too!
Hey everyone, lets take this opportunity to book yours now!

By Tominon

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