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Kuon Kanokogi (PVC Figure)
hurr durr : 2018/04/25 12:42:10
instant preorder! hello new waifu :)
MiG-29 `9-13` Fulcrum (Plastic model)
Fulcrum : 2018/04/25 7:32:55
Good details and fun build.
Arbalest Ver.IV (Plastic model)
Kincad : 2018/04/25 5:14:19
Well I know the quality of the Aoshima version. The Kotobukiya and Bandai versions of most mecha are most of the time great.
Kuon Kanokogi (PVC Figure)
Someone : 2018/04/24 20:21:07
Very nice… reserved!! ^^
Super One Piece Styling Valiant Material 2 3 pieces (Shokugan)
Kirito-kun : 2018/04/24 9:29:31
dude thats very old product, thats never gonna be restocked.
that, and this isn't an action figure.
Super One Piece Styling Valiant Material 2 3 pieces (Shokugan)
felipe : 2018/04/24 4:11:21
i want this action figures, but sold out .

can confirm next avaiable ?

Super One Piece Styling Valiant Material 2 3 pieces (Shokugan
Arbalest Ver.IV (Plastic model)
Kirito-kun : 2018/04/23 10:00:37
@No Name:
its very slightly taller than the standard HG model.
its not pre-painted, but the colored plastic is very well separated so only minimal coloring is required if you want your model to look good.
Arbalest Ver.IV (Plastic model)
No Name : 2018/04/21 12:07:25
is this hg size? and is it prepainted?

figma Reaper (PVC Figure)
Someone : 2018/04/20 16:44:11
Last picture: Reaperpool??
PLAN303E Deep Striker (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Kincad : 2018/04/18 9:15:02
It is meant to off its greatness. Like the 1/144 GP03-Orcius + plus we can make the base form with the upgraded details.
A-6E Intruder (Plastic model)
1/72 Hasegawa A-6E : 2018/04/18 1:02:47
A-6E Intruder (Plastic model)
1/72 Hasegawa A-6E : 2018/04/18 1:02:34
So-Do Kamen Rider Build [Build 9] Set (Shokugan)
Peony : 2018/04/17 8:44:38
When come out May
Rebuild of Evangelion Asuka Langley Shikinami (PVC Figure)
Zav : 2018/04/15 13:19:49
The hair color should be a little more reddish. Hope they change the color.
Overall , something about the piece seems off.
Senran Kagura [Yumi] (PVC Figure)
0Syndra0 : 2018/04/15 9:07:06
The figure is nice but the arms... they attach very poorly to the body.
Sekirei Tsukiumi (PVC Figure)
Grvt3c : 2018/04/13 16:14:43
Es realmente hermosa tiene un genial acabo muy a detalle.
Mortal Kombat 1/12 Action Figure Shao Kahn (Fashion Doll)
Someone : 2018/04/12 10:36:06
… is that the best you can do?

Wow, it's slightly bigger than Zangief, and much cooler imho (no offense to Zangief fans).
Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid Elma School Swimsuit Ver (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/04/11 19:39:39
I love Elma
4 Inch Nel: Fate/Grand Order - Archer/Ishtar (PVC Figure)
nutz4PVC : 2018/04/11 17:53:02
she looks nice and for the price considering what you get, but I'm unfamiliar with the company and how their figures stack up to bigger names like figma and sh figuarts
Rebuild of Evangelion Asuka Langley Shikinami (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/04/11 7:14:49
Beautiful face- but the legs look dislocated at the hip for some reason...
Rebuild of Evangelion Asuka Langley Shikinami (PVC Figure)
Jun : 2018/04/11 3:40:07
Normally I'm all for Yamashita's alternative character designs, but this Asuka looks more like it's from Koto Comic Bishojo than his older Eva series.
Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid Tohru Swimsuit Ver (PVC Figure)
. : 2018/04/10 21:34:39
Not only is this a rehash, or better said a complete replica but just with a different swimsuit, it somehow also looks cheaper and of worse quality than the previous one.
Moonstone (PVC Figure)
Galen : 2018/04/10 21:02:06
Expensive for her size, and too brittle.
Honda CBR400F (Model Car)
murphy : 2018/04/10 13:45:05
Akari Kawamoto (PVC Figure)
TomoTomo : 2018/04/09 18:12:32
March comes in like a Lion is a beautiful anime
Miss Kobayashi`s Dragon Maid Tohru Swimsuit Ver (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/04/08 13:59:36
FFS. I just want ONE decent looking figure of her to come out...
Chachamaru Ashikaga (PVC Figure)
Kochin : 2018/04/07 22:18:42
Don't know who is she, but i reserved her. Looks adorable.
Angel Beats! -1st beat- [Angel] (PVC Figure)
KanadeFanBoy : 2018/04/07 10:33:01
It was/is worth every penny. Its bigger than you think when you read 1/8th. Kanade will always be best girl.
Horror Bishoujo Ash Williams (Completed)
Someone : 2018/04/06 14:19:39
Ashley Williams for now, i heard rumors of a female version of Pinhead (Hellraiser).
Soul of Chogokin GX-79 Voltes V F.A. (Completed)
Someone : 2018/04/06 14:09:49
Bandai answer to GSC? Already? Let the war begin then!
MODEROID Six God Combination Godmars (Plastic model)
Someone : 2018/04/06 14:06:34
GSC wants to enter into the robot world, a serious contender for Bandai SRC imho.
Moonstone (PVC Figure)
Someone : 2018/04/06 14:01:50
Very impressive. This is a true masterpiece.
Rem (PVC Figure)
Yofu : 2018/04/06 11:20:03
Beautiful figure, but she isn't mounted to the stand and VERY easy to knock over.
Moonstone (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/04/06 7:20:15
She has VERY adequate "junk in the trunk"!
Purple Heart: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
no name : 2018/04/05 21:18:23
don't waste your money on this crap. neptunia should just die already.
Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody Clear File B (Anime Toy)
Risu : 2018/04/04 22:27:20
Dat Ass. A+
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night / Alucard (Completed)
Awesome : 2018/04/03 23:01:26
To No Name: It's not PVC it's polystone, if you knew first 4 figures then you will know the statues they made are awesome and collectable.
Berserker/Minamoto no Raiko (PVC Figure)
Kirito-kun : 2018/04/02 20:14:26
They just made it faithful to the illustration the figure is based on.

..and the fans would not accept it, if they reduced the chest size...
Berserker/Minamoto no Raiko (PVC Figure)
Vox : 2018/04/02 12:09:35
Everything about this figure is good but why does the chest has too be this big :( It's not beautiful at all.
Purple Heart: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/04/02 6:54:31
1/4 scale finally
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night / Alucard (Completed)
nutz4PVC : 2018/04/01 15:07:18
it is pricey buuuut
1- the sword is diecast (metal)
2- the level of detail in clothing texture is just INSANE
3- that level of detail is made possible by the crazy scale, this is nearly 21 inches tall, so he BIG and BAD
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night / Alucard (Completed)
No Name : 2018/03/31 11:15:45
gawd dam!!! 743.94 for a pvc?!?!?! i'm a fan of the game. But this is WAAAYYYY TOOOO MUCH. Maybe if it was resin and a weee bit lower in the price range of 150.00 - 200.00. But yea gonna haft to pass to over pricing.
Purple Heart: Bunny Ver. (PVC Figure)
tom : 2018/03/31 5:37:32
Wow, awesome! (Looks at price.......) is this worth that much?
Erina Nakiri Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/31 0:12:15
I want this!!
Wing Gundam Zero (HGAC) (Gundam Model Kits)
Wing boy : 2018/03/30 21:27:03
Disappointing things in this Wing Zero Kit:
1. Feet needs part swapping for the transformation, unlike in the older W Zero HG kit.
2. Beam saber hilts cannot be stored in the shoulder racks.
3. The covers of machine cannons do not have hinges. You have to simply remove them to expose the machine cannons.
4. The hinges of the wings are exposed, unlike in other W zero kits.

Why Bandai????!
Pop Team Epic Anti Sticker Set Anti Popuko Set (Anime Toy)
Bunny : 2018/03/30 19:41:33
Best anime
Diaclone DA-19 Big Powered GV Consolidated Battle Trailer (Completed)
gulgul : 2018/03/30 10:59:29
Real Masterpiece Collectible Figure/ Once Upon a Time in China: Jet Li Wong Fei-hung (Completed)
gulgul : 2018/03/30 10:57:06
Impressive details!!
EZ-14 Transformer Prime War Breakdown (Completed)
rafael : 2018/03/30 6:46:24
hello it´s my first time in this site i would like to know hom much it costs, total the price tag and the shipping costs for example this transformer to Portugal.
Best Regards Rafael Da Silva
figma Maruyama Okyo`s Yurei-zu (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/29 9:26:56
I hate it when people evaluate this figma as 1 star just because it's not related to anime. People should look up what "Maruyama Okyo" is about before making the evaluation. Ignorant people these days...
Dragon Ball Gals Chichi Cheongsam Ver. (PVC Figure)
randomdude : 2018/03/29 4:13:37
Chun-Li base? xD
Godzilla Earth (Completed)
just passing through : 2018/03/28 7:17:14
Holy s..., steroids overdose....
Star Wars/Ralph MaQuarrie Darth Vader Statue:Concept Artist (Completed)
Sith apprentice : 2018/03/28 6:16:06
What Is Thy Bidding, My Master?
Made in Abyss Curse of the Abyss T-Shirts Heather Gray L (Anime Toy)
Volcano21 : 2018/03/27 15:16:56
This is literally the greatest invention of clothing since clothing itself.

Wonderful product, 5/5 Nnaa-'s, would absolutely recommend!
Lala Satalin Deviluke Maid Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/26 15:05:14
I'm amazed that they haven't made a Blue Metalia figure, she's my favorite costume of Run.

Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Plastic model)
No Name : 2018/03/26 3:52:29
Everything fit perfectly!
Truss Set Silver (Display)
Kirito-kun : 2018/03/24 11:25:57
this is best for 1/12 figures, so it may look a little thin for the 1/6 dolls.
The width is about 14mm, so if you are fine with that then you just need to get a few copies to have enough parts to build the size you need.
Truss Set Silver (Display)
cat : 2018/03/24 5:26:16
Can anyone say what SCALE or size doll/figure this set would work with? I'd like it to work with a 1/6 scale doll (about 11") but I think it may be too small...
Nanachi (PVC Figure)
Atom : 2018/03/22 15:27:56
figFIX Eli Ayase: Cheerleader Ver. (PVC Figure)
DatKKing : 2018/03/22 10:21:35
Perfect condition as figure as box, very very professional job. Fantastic figure, very nice, I'm very happy. I love this site! <3
Bertille Bikini Ver. (PVC Figure)
Kirito-kun : 2018/03/22 9:49:08
yeah, they can be.
Bertille Bikini Ver. (PVC Figure)
Muniok : 2018/03/22 2:08:39
Can bra and pants be removed?
Nendoroid Wonder Woman: Hero`s Edition (Completed)
Omega : 2018/03/22 0:33:11
I found it a bit difficult to pose this figure. Arms are weird, hair gets in the way for the back peg. She is nicely sculpted and painted though. But I think her price point should be lower. I rate her a 3.5/5.
Eriri Spencer Sawamura: Changing Clothes (PVC Figure)
Cam : 2018/03/21 2:53:36
As of now, 69 people have reserved her. Giggity giggity.
PLAN303E Deep Striker (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Ren : 2018/03/21 0:22:27
I don't get why many people interest this MG. In my opinion this MG Deep Striker is most bored MG.
ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
random guy : 2018/03/20 15:53:48
Sorry for my mistake...the arm can rotate 360° but yeah the arm armour don t snap into place so well other than that is a beautiful kit
IJN Aircraft Carrier Shoukaku (Plastic model)
dego1545 : 2018/03/20 13:39:57
I'm looking for the instructing manual for this model
Character Sleeve Collection Platinum Grade Mawaru-Penguindrum [Princess of the Crystal] (Card Sleeve)
No Name : 2018/03/20 7:59:52
Is there a chance this can be reprinted? I want this so bad
figma Kirito: O.S Ver. (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/20 4:24:49
Hey qiki figma kirtio!!!!!!!! Some do the same and some not the same qiki
And this is Taliyah Kirkland by the way!
ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (RG) (Gundam Model Kits)
random guy : 2018/03/20 1:08:43
Good colour especially for the gold on the wing..not to mention the arm movement are limited, it can't rotate full 360° for me this is kinda annoying
4 Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune Noire (PVC Figure)
tod : 2018/03/18 4:30:23
Looks nice. However, The face does not good at certain angles. They need to be careful when painting the mouth part. Or else it will not look good.
TB Leagued 1/6 Action Figure Cleo Super Deluxe (Fashion Doll)
Fox : 2018/03/17 20:14:44
Nendoroid Kizuna AI (PVC Figure)
ecchi : 2018/03/17 14:58:33
PLAN303E Deep Striker (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
C_For_Conspiracy : 2018/03/16 22:11:54
Based from the picture those x mark parts seems to be based from the older MG Gundam Ex-Sentinel which means we modeler's can still assemble and use those extra parts to create the original legs of the old mg =D
[Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond] Pen Holder B (Anime Toy)
No Name : 2018/03/16 18:23:37
Not exactly what i expected i got mine off of Ami Ami it isn't a "pen holder" it is more like a slip cover for a pen
Still pretty cute though....just need to learn how to attach those damn chains to my bag....
Volvo 850 Estate BTCC (Model Car)
No Name : 2018/03/16 16:24:50
Renault 5 Turbo Rally (Model Car)
No Name : 2018/03/16 16:14:09
figma Widowmaker (PVC Figure)
Someone : 2018/03/15 19:05:58
timea=times, a typo.
figma Widowmaker (PVC Figure)
Someone : 2018/03/15 19:05:08
I heard these words several timea, there's a particular reason? I don't play Overwatch, so i'm just curious. Also, i apologize for being rude about Selvaria Bles, and for the comment on the Kotobukiya Cammy. Hope to get an answer.
Guncannon Detector (RE/100) (Gundam Model Kits)
Someone : 2018/03/15 17:04:10
There's a P-Bandai red version of the same kit (dunno the differences). About the hands, maybe to cut costs? Anyway, recently i'm seeing too much Premium items, especially a "cough cough" famous female wrestler from a famous fighting game franchise.
Antarcticite (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/15 12:54:12
Hmmmm should i pre order this? I dunno if i like it or not.....such a hard decision....
Toyota 86 (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/14 22:36:41
My work.
Mazda Roadster (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/14 22:33:52
My work.
RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
Anon : 2018/03/14 15:04:29
Joints are loose and flimsy, funnels are the same, hand grenade. Looks amazing but so fiddly to do anything with.
Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador (Metallic Sky Blue) (Diecast Car)
Jack : 2018/03/14 0:16:27
May I know how heavy is this? how much it costs to ship to Hong Kong?
Asra Ninja Aoi (Plastic model)
zomg : 2018/03/13 20:19:34
Pfff... five minutes is more than enough, try to preorder some DX Macross Valkyries from bandai. Its about 30secs (!) at best. Oh I got my preorder btw >.>
Koto will re-release it anyway.
Hdge Technical Statue No.6 Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Motoko Kusanagi (PVC Figure)
No Name : 2018/03/13 17:41:11
Looks nothing like the Major
Asra Ninja Aoi (Plastic model)
No Name : 2018/03/13 12:14:58
GM626 Heinz Wilhelm Guderian Generaloberst (Fashion Doll)
Jhango : 2018/03/13 11:11:15
It's PERFECT! It's a great work of art!
Capriccio [Ripuka Ochi] (PVC Figure)
Mari9O : 2018/03/13 6:01:06
Why does FOTS only release PC renderings for pre-orders? Seems a little odd
Lamborghini Countach 5000QV (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:30:36
My work.
Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:24:00
My work.
Ferrari 360 Spider (Package Renewal) (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:21:59
My work.
[Limited Edition] Aston Martin DBS (w/Photo-Etched Parts) (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:19:58
My work.
Lamborghini Aventador (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:15:29
My work.
Enzo Ferrari (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:13:25
My work.
La Ferrari (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:11:02
My work.
Ferrari F60 (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:08:35
My work.
AMG Mercedes 600SEL (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:06:45
My work.
Mercedes Benz 300 SL (Model Car)
Maxim Begma : 2018/03/13 1:05:07
My work.
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