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Battle of Midway First Carrier Division Akagi/Kaga 2nd Carrier Division Soryu/Hiryu Set (Plastic model)
Comment from potchip 2017/12/13 9:06:00
what's the point of calling this midway set when the deck marking decals provided are still 1941 ver?
[Area88] Kfir C2 `Saki Vashtal` (Plastic model)
Images from Lion Cub 2017/12/11 22:54:00
Comment from Lion Cub
Fun and easy. Excellent decals. Good fit. Thanks Hobby Search.
Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Plastic model)
Images from kuky76 2017/11/26 22:09:00
Comment from kuky76
Fantastic kit!
MiG-31B Foxhound (Plastic model)
Images from Mikoyan 2017/11/08 6:11:00
Comment from Mikoyan
Kit isn't good, but fun to build. Some fit issues. Subtle recessed panel lines. Good shape. I added leftover PE to cockpit.
F-16 ThunderBirds (Plastic model)
Images from Nasir Jaffry 2017/10/11 23:31:00
Comment from Nasir Jaffry
The kit needs no putty..decals are simply great
F-16 ThunderBirds (Plastic model)
Images from Nasir Jaffry 2017/10/11 23:31:00
F-16 ThunderBirds (Plastic model)
Images from Nasir Jaffry 2017/10/11 23:26:00
Comment from Nasir Jaffry
Excellent kit by Revells
Russian Aircraft Carrier Kneb (Plastic model)
Images from Kiev 2017/09/23 15:36:00
Comment from Kiev
Kiev-class carrier at an affordable price, but quality and detail not as good as Trumpeter who makes Kiev-class carrier kits. Good superstructure. 12 x Yak-38s are old, but VTOL. 4 x Ka-25 with in-flight blades. Good decals. I replaced a tower, 2 cranes, 2 radars and 4 copter blades with photoetch.
Photo-Etched Parts Set for Seaplane Tender Akitsushima (Plastic model)
Comment from JJ 2017/09/18 15:57:00
This set is totally inadequate. Unlike the photo etch included with the SP version box (2 piece PE, 1 large 1 small), this only contains the large PE sheet and therefore missing part on the small fret, such as the large crane derrick and the parts for the seaplanes (propellers, trays, supports). For a detail set, not providing PE crane and aircraft parts which are specific to Akitsushima is inexcusable.
F/A-18E Super Hornet VFA-105`Gunslingers` & VFA-147`Argonauts` (Plastic model)
Images from Super Hornet 2017/09/17 2:26:00
Comment from Super Hornet
Best bang for the buck. Most detailed Super Hornet in any scale it is not. In 144th, it is. Recessed panel lines and rivets. Undercarriage rivals or beats out some 1/72. Cartograpf decals. Clear instructions except for the omission of the center drop tank pylon which is included. Instrument panel and ejection seats. No control sticks, interior decals or pilots or stands.
1/144 JASDF F-4EJ Kai 301st Squadron 2013 Air Combat Meet/F-4EJ JASDF 60th Anniversary Paint (2 Kit) (Plastic model)
Images from Phantom II 2017/09/10 2:55:00
Comment from Phantom II
2-in-1 kit. Beautiful detailing. Recessed panel lines. 2 pilots and control sticks and seats. No decal or instrument panels. Plain wheel wells though. Decals grouped together for easy applications. In-flight stands that shares the same connection with a pylon or drop tank should you do the wheels-down version. No missiles. Must-have.
JMSDF Submarine Harushio Class (Plastic model)
Images from Harushio 2017/09/10 2:46:00
Comment from Harushio
Waterline or full hull. Upper hull slight warped or I would've done waterline. I painted it black, masked it off and painted it dark grey. Recessed panel lines. Decals. Stand. Nice kit.
Imperial Japanese Navy Seaplane Tender Akitsushima (Plastic model)
Images from Akitsushima 2017/09/10 2:43:00
Comment from Akitsushima
Waterline. Excellent detailing. 2 Kawanishi flying boats. Plenty of fiddly bits. Dozens of unused deals and parts. I would've liked if the wood deck was separate for easy painting.
Dassault Rafale M (Plastic model)
Images from Rafale 2017/09/03 4:17:00
Comment from Rafale
Easy kit. Raised panel lines. Two-part canopy. Nice cockpit. Detailed exhausts, wheel wells and landing gear. Hundreds of quality decals for box art and combat versions. Both French Air Force. I did the box art version with a center drop tank and outboard missiles from my stash and eduard interior photoetch.
German E-75 Ausf.VierfuBler 128mm KwK (Plastic model)
Comment from zomg 2017/08/24 17:02:00
The only one "militaly" modeI I ever wanted to buy. Looks dope :D In other hand looks too good for that price. I wonder if "legs" will fully functional.
U.S.Navy Batteleship Montana (BB-67) (Plastic model)
Comment from Patrick 2017/07/18 15:37:00
U.S.Navy Batteleship Montana (BB-67) (Plastic model)

Manufacturer : Veryfire Model
Scale : 1/700
Release Date : Aug(Jul. 14, 2017 Pre-order start.)
List Price : 14,040yenabout123.81USD
Sales Price : 11,050yenabout97.44USD

The sale price may be wrong for 1/700 model.
Su-47 (S-37) Byerkut (Plastic model)
Comment from Berkut 2017/06/27 4:58:00
FYI, the cockpit is:

NeoMega 1/72 Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut Resin Cockpit
Su-47 (S-37) Byerkut (Plastic model)
Images from Berkut 2017/06/27 4:43:00
Comment from Berkut
Thank you for the sale, Hobby Search. Kit is big. Assembly is simple. Top-bottom fuselage halves. Detail is good, except for the basic cockpit, wheel wells and air inlets. Engraved panel lines. I replaced the cockpit with resin. Open/closed canopy and undercarriage. Painting guide and markings aren’t correct. I painted some strips white. Search the Web for photos of the actual aircraft. Keep in mind this is a prototype, and may never see combat. A unique addition to your collection.
JMSDF Escort Ship DD-151 Asagiri 2015 (Plastic model)
Comment from No Name 2017/06/21 22:27:00
I remember in the pre-order period, the sample image showed that there was a PE part for ship electronic fram, but when I receoved the kit, it had been canceled.

I was a little unsatisfied because the price should includ the PE part for ship fram, but it is not.
Sukhoi T-50 (Plastic model)
Comment from Sukhoi 2017/05/16 8:21:00
I added eduard pre-colored cockpit PE.
Sukhoi T-50 (Plastic model)
Images from Sukhoi 2017/05/16 8:20:00
Comment from Sukhoi
Very basic kit. Could be done on a weekend. Vertical half airframe. Few recessed panel lines. Full air intake trunking. Very nice exhaust nozzles. No weapon set. Raised/lowered undercarriage. Open/closed canopy. Standing and sitting pilot figures. Boarding ladder. Average decals. It's a rebox of Zvezda's kit. Better shape and size than Trumpeter's version.
F-14A Slat & Wing Flap Set (for Tamiya) (Plastic model)
Comment from No Name 2017/03/13 12:40:00
Tamiya F-14A Tomcat Price:7,020yen
Even more expensive than the kit itself? And how does it made? Straightly duplicated from the original kit? I would simply modify the kit rather than buy this item.

`Shidenkai no Maki` Shidenkai & Hien Model I & Zero Fighter Model 21 (3 pieces) (Plastic model)
Images from Shidenkai no Maki 2017/02/27 10:06:00
Comment from Shidenkai no Maki
The 3-in-1 model kit saved me money on shipping and buying the kits separately. Shidenkai & Hien Model I & Zero Fighter have complete cockpits, fine recessed panel lines and good decals. Zero stands out, thanks to the detailed engine. Hats off to Hasegawa.
British De Havilland DH4a Single Engine Biplane Passenger plane 1920 (Plastic model)
Comment from Frank 2017/02/18 0:47:00
does this kit have a British engine or the Liberty engine?
T-90 Russian Tank (Plastic model)
Comment from T-90 2017/02/01 3:10:00
The painting guide is about the same size of the model so can be used as paint mask.
T-90 Russian Tank (Plastic model)
Images from T-90 2017/02/01 3:05:00
Comment from T-90
Best 1/72 armor kit I've built. Not beginner-friendly. Styrene tracks aren't long enough. Lovely ERA. Level of detail rivals 1/35.
JGSDF Infantry Personnel Modified Prone (Plastic model)
Comment from Immir 2017/01/23 3:28:00
What a weird pose. Is he supposed to be shooting under a car?
R.O.K. Air Force F-4E `17th Fighter Wing` (Plastic model)
Comment from orhan 2017/01/19 1:54:00
Hi this kit is 1/72 scale revell f-4f re box kit ?
YF-16/CCV (Plastic model)
Images from BAF 2017/01/17 4:28:00
Comment from BAF
Kit was modified (stabilizers + external stores) as one of those Belgium Air Force Falcons with Microscale that broke except for the large ones and leftovers.

Microscale International Belgium, Egypt and Israel
Quickboost ejection seat
Water Bus Himiko (Plastic model)
Comment from Zibbu.net 2017/01/05 10:12:00
sensoji temple is 1/150 scale too ?
F-16A Plus Fighting Falcon (Plastic model)
Images from IAF 2017/01/01 3:01:00
Comment from IAF
Kit is cheap & basic. Updated cockpit & full external stores. Engraved panel lines. I did the Israeli Air Force with Microscale decals that broke into pieces so most of the decals were Hasegawa and some leftovers.

Microscale International Belgium, Egypt and Israel
Eduard color etch
Quickboost ejection seat
U.S. Navy Balao Class Submarine (Plastic model)
Comment from No Name 2016/12/25 7:09:00
title and content don't match!!!!!
Russian BMPT-72 Terminator II (Plastic model)
Comment from Cristian 2016/12/22 2:15:00
Thanks for making all the images available! I noticed you missed page 7 with step 9 in the instructions.
Tiger I & Panther G VS M4A4E8 Shaman & M24 Chaffee `Rhine Breakthrough Strategy` (Set of 4) (Plastic model)
Images from Rhein 2016/12/18 7:17:00
Comment from Rhein
Not much detail can be found in 1/72 armors, but it's, in my opinion, a great starter kit for someone getting into armor modeling. I think they should include a winter painting guide as the event took place in winter.
Tiger I & Panther G VS M4A4E8 Shaman & M24 Chaffee `Rhine Breakthrough Strategy` (Set of 4) (Plastic model)
Images from Rhein 2016/12/18 7:14:00
Comment from Rhein
Hasegawa didn't capitalize on this product by including a cardboard or plastic terrain or background. The four armors are individual kits from different times thrown into a new packaging with a new sheet of painting/marking guides for two versions of each tank.
Tiger I Middle Production (w/Full Interior) (Plastic model)
Comment from Mung 2016/12/11 22:57:00
The engine still have missing parts.
Russian Navy Akula class submarine (Plastic model)
Images from Akula 2016/12/01 13:42:00
Comment from Akula
Hobby Boss' nuclear-powered attack submarine is a very easy build. 10 parts including the stand base with title pre-printed. Full hull. The while stripe along the upper hull has to be painted on. The rest are decals. I cut the pegs off the upper hull to pose it as waterline.
USSR Missile Destroyer Udaloy (Plastic model)
Images from Udaloy 2016/12/01 13:35:00
Comment from Udaloy
Pit-Road offers a nice anti-submarine destroyer addition to your small-scale Soviet Navy collection. All parts come in grey. The detailing is first rate. They molded super fine wirings and tubings to the surfaces of the structures. A BMP-2, MIR and Ka-27 are included. Decals for Udaloy and Vice-Admiral Kulakov. I replaced the plastic radars with PE.
F-117A Night Hawk (Plastic model)
Images from Night Hawk 2016/11/19 13:55:00
Comment from Night Hawk
A very uncomplicated and fun injection moulded display model for a very good price. Airframe consists of the main fuselage, two wings and two stabilizers. Options for open/closed undercarriage doors and canopy. Detailed landing gear with lights. Topside and underside infrareds. No ordnance. I replaced the cockpit with Aires (resin+PE).
South Africa G6 Rhino (Plastic model)
Images from No Name 2016/11/08 21:01:00
Comment from No Name
an excellent kit, well detailed, very accurate
FC-1 Plot Type 1st / 3rd (Plastic model)
Images from FC-1 2016/11/07 2:30:00
Comment from FC-1
The kit is delicately detailed and an accurate representation of the craft. Engraved panel lines and rivets. Taxiing and in-flight options with open or closed canopy and undercarriage doors. Photoetch for ejection seat, canopy rear-view mirrors and exhaust nozzle. Waterslide decals too fragile. Paintings and markings for ordnance, prototype FC-1 and PAF JF-17.
Kawasaki T-4 J.A.S.D.F. (Plastic model)
Images from Kawasaki 2016/10/31 6:31:00
Comment from Kawasaki
The injection moulded display model is a weekender. Very simple. 2-piece left and right fuselage. Separate wings & horizontal stabilizers. Basic 2-seat cockpit with HUD. Engraved panel lines. Detailed wheel wells & landing gear. Landing gear lights. Waterslide decals for 22 JASDF test squadrons. 2 fuel tanks.
F-4E Phantom II (Plastic model)
Images from Phantom II 2016/10/25 2:38:00
Comment from Phantom II
Old tool. Raised panel lines & rivets. Plain wheel wells. Body filling took a while. The camouflage took the longest time. Did the 40 Years Hellenic Air Force Phantoms 1974 - 2014 with Model Maker decals. Light grey decals on light grey are hard to see. No control sticks. Modified cockpit detailed with Eduard color etch. Super fun build.
F-35A Lightning II (Plastic model)
Images from Lightning II 2016/10/18 2:22:00
Comment from Lightning II
If you want the zig-zag decals on a 1/72 F-35, this is it. The other manufacturers' models don't have them. Modern tool. No flash. Perfect fit. Engraved panel lines & rivets. Clever engineering. Top-bottom 2-piece airframe. Cockpit installed after airframe. I applied putty to seams in the airframe & stabilators, then detailed the cockpit, landing gear & front wheel bay with eduard color etch.
Mig-25 Foxbat (Plastic model)
Images from Mikoyan-Gurevich 2016/10/11 0:03:00
Comment from Mikoyan-Gurevich
Great price. Big size. Bigger than the box the model came in after assembly. Basic cockpit with pilot figure. Front to exhaust 2-piece fuselage. Putty & sanding required to remove seam lines. R-40T & R-40P missiles. Fun project. I changed the color scheme. The new kit from Hasegawa looks miles better.
Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II (Plastic model)
Comment from Irv 2016/10/05 3:17:00
Missing part GP-2. It is quite clear to see that part GP-2 is not on the sprue. These items come in a sealed plastic bag. The bag has never been opened. The lighting cover is most important to the completion of this model. I need to know how to obtain the part. irvel20@msn.com.
Blue Angels F/A-18A Hornet (Plastic model)
Images from CAF 2016/10/04 5:45:00
Comment from CAF
Very cheap. Clear parts in a separate bag and the rest in the same bag. Cleanup takes a while. Minimal flash. Ordnance included, but not in the instructions. I bought eduard color etch & Leading Edge 410 "Cougar" Squadron decals. Fun weekend project. I'm aware that the model isn't accurate, but the accurate one is expensive.
F-104J/CF-104 Starfighter (JASDF/CANADA) (Plastic model)
Images from CAF 2016/10/04 5:38:00
Comment from CAF
Very cheap. Clear parts in a separate bag and the rest in the same bag. Cleanup takes a while. Minimal flash. Options to build 3 JASDF & 3 CAF variants with 2 sets of instructions and marking/painting guides. I bought eduard color etch and did No. 439 Squadron. Fun weekend project.
IJN Destroyer Shimakaze `Late type` (Plastic model)
Comment from pauly1651 2016/09/28 23:33:00
A very good quality model. Parts fit is excellent, and I love how it comes molded in the different colors for decks, hull, props etc. There are many small parts and it is a high detail model. Great care and patience are required to build this model correctly. Not for beginners.
Tornado ECR `Tigermeet 2011` (Plastic model)
Images from 1/72 2016/09/15 23:47:00
Comment from 1/72
Couldn't find the 1/72 version of this kit here so here it is. If you can find 1/72, get. You won't be disappointed. Don't compare Revell to Hasegawa. Some of the panel lines are shallow. Moving wings. Full payload. The decals are made in Italy. The 1/144 version would be much more simple than mine.
Su-33 Flanker D (Plastic model)
Comment from Des Prince 2016/09/14 8:54:00
Has to be the most detailed, accurate fitting kit I have built in over 50 years of building models. Kinetic have raised the bar for all the other model manufacturers in business today.
Keep it up Kinetic.
Fokker S11 Instructor (1947) (Plastic model)
Comment from Yozu 2016/09/07 0:22:00
Hallo, this is a DUTCH aircraft built in Fokker Company at Amsterdam Holland.
Greeting Yozu from Holland.
Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (Plastic model)
Images from X3029 2016/09/02 23:29:00
Comment from X3029
Easy & fun kit. Nice panel lines & molded-in detail. Basic cockpit with decals. Open/closed canopy/speedbrakers/wheels/leading edge slats. Made-in-Italy decals.
M109A6 (Plastic model)
Images from David 2016/09/02 14:20:00
IDF Shot Kal Gimel 1982 (Plastic model)
Images from David 2016/09/02 14:12:00
M60A1 Patton (Plastic model)
Images from David 2016/09/02 14:04:00
TSR.2MS Stratos 4 (Plastic model)
Images from A08012 2016/08/27 1:51:00
Comment from A08012
2 in 1 kit. Anime or actual. 2 sets of pilots and cockpits. Average fit. Lot of sanding and bit of putty. Crisply recessed lines. Not as deep as some of the cheaper Airfix kits. Flying stand. Thin decals. No need for softener. Open/closed canopy, landing gear & air brakes. Model is as long as the box. Quite big.
Sukhoi Su-37 Fighter (Plastic model)
Images from ZV7241 2016/08/20 3:20:00
Comment from ZV7241
Outdated tooling requires skills & patient to make the kit presentable. No recessed (only raised) lines except around the two rudders. Control stick must be cut & installed with pilot or blocked by panel. Open/closed clear canopy bit oversized. No struts for wheel doors. Plain wheel wells. Decals for cockpit & exterior. Full payload.
CMP C60S Holmes Breakdown Wrecker (Plastic model)
Comment from Ale Tauk 2016/08/18 19:49:00
The only problem only the packaging box from manufacture that seems smallest than the model sprue. Hopefully there's no missing/broken parts because of it.
Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Type 21 (Plastic model)
Images from dan 2016/08/18 4:46:00
Comment from dan
Impossible price. Very simple kit. Very good recessed panel lines. Basic cockpit without decals. Good fit. Mine was heavily weathered.
Kagero Class Aero Direct Education Ship Harekaze (Set of 2) (Plastic model)
Comment from Ryo 2016/07/29 5:45:00
Totally a bad move to include all 2 ship in same plastic bag. I cant sell the extra one because decal for both ships in same paper.
JMSDF Defender DD-103 YUDACHI (Plastic model)
Images from JMSDF 2016/07/21 9:19:00
Comment from JMSDF
Pit-Road's JMSDF Destroyer kit comes with 1 ship, 2 decal sheets, 3 copters (Chinook, Cobra & Seahawk) & plenty of spare parts. The full interior of a copter hanger is well done. The same treatment is given to sister ship DD-106 which I reviewed.
JMSDF Defense Destroyer DD-106 Samidare (Plastic model)
Images from JMSDF 2016/07/21 9:15:00
Comment from JMSDF
Pit-Road's release of the JMSDF Minesweeper & Destroyer is solid enough to keep small scale builders happy. The kit comes with 2 ships, 1 PE sheet, 1 decal sheet, 3 copters (Chinook, Cobra & Seahawk) & 1 photo booklet of the actual ship. The full interior of a copter hanger is a first.
IJN Heavy Cruiser Tone 1944 (Plastic model)
Images from Tone 2016/07/13 12:17:00
Comment from Tone
It's an easy kit that can be put together without paints, glue & decals. Stickers included. Don't be fooled by easy. It's, I'd say, intermediate. What took me by surprise is the amount of detail & parts Fujimi put in the this modern tooling. Especially the funnel & superstructure. No photo etch. Aoshima, Dragon, Hasegawa, Hobby Boss, Pit-Road, Tamiya & Trumpeter, move over. Fujimi wins.
IJN Aircraft Carrier Taiho Based Aircraft Set (Kugisho Judy Liquid Cooler Type, Tenzan, Zero Fighter Type 52) (Plastic model)
Images from 113357 2016/07/13 12:04:00
Comment from 113357
Of all the 700th aircraft I've built, this one is easily the most realistic. Fujimi seems to be the only one who does plastic propellers & separate landing gear & canopies. Mr. Color call-outs. Nice decals.
U.S.S.Long Beach CGN9 1980 (Plastic model)
Images from CGN 2016/07/05 2:57:00
Comment from CGN
Cruiser Guided Nuclear. The kit was brilliant. Only grip would be the slightly warped hull. 28 PE parts on a tiny sheet. Good decals. Some unused decals & plastic parts. Instructions were confusing, showing one version of the ship in assembly and another in marking/painting guide. I'd build it again.
American Battleship Arizona BB-39 (1941) (Plastic model)
Images from PA 2016/07/05 2:45:00
Comment from PA
The last PA-class battleship was a very simple build. No PE. Cheap. Could've been Hobby Boss' stepping stone to their upgraded toolings. The bridge is hallow, so is the aircraft crane. Upper & lower hulls warped. Stand included. Simple detail.
USS Battleship Missouri (BB-63) (Plastic model)
Images from Big Mo 2016/07/05 2:28:00
Comment from Big Mo
Big Mo is definitely big. Bit of sanding & putty. Only decals were flags, but wouldn't come off backing so I used my own. No aircraft insignia decals. Boxart showed one color scheme for 194x, but web searches show a different one for the modernized version with a helipad, missiles & new guns. Easy & fun kit.
Hawker Siddeley Harrier Gr1 (Plastic model)
Images from Harrier 2016/06/21 3:55:00
Comment from Harrier
Made some marking/decal mistakes. Not a bad kit. Cheap, easy & fun.
Hawker Siddeley Harrier Gr1 (Plastic model)
Images from Harrier 2016/06/21 3:55:00
Comment from Harrier
Last pic.
Russian Air Force T-50 PAK-FA (Plastic model)
Images from T-50 PAK-FA 2016/06/17 2:23:00
Comment from T-50 PAK-FA
Near perfect kit except for being too big, vague marking guide, inaccurate camo guide (I used Revell's PDF as it looked closest to the actual photos) & shallow panel lines. If I were to build it again, I'd build Revell's.
the United States Navy Support Ship AOE-01 Sacramento (Plastic model)
Images from AOE-01 2016/05/29 4:42:00
Comment from AOE-01
The kit is near perfect except for the warped upper & lower hulls after assembly which can be fixed. Boiling water or low heat. Also the fuelling cables are missing but you can use black electronic wires. The photo-etch was amazing. The safety nets should be open like the real ship.
F-4F Phantom `JG71 last call` (Plastic model)
Comment from JG71 2016/05/24 11:48:00
The payload isn't supposed to be installed, but I built them just for fun. Only the outboard external fuel tanks are required. Marking guide was good, but not painting guide. So google as usual.
F-4F Phantom `JG71 last call` (Plastic model)
Images from JG71 2016/05/24 11:41:00
Comment from JG71
Super fun build. Bit of flash & mold lines. Seams, gaps & sink holes. Minimal putty & sanding. Crisp engraved lines & rivets. Landing gear & canopy weren't perfect. Ejection seats as complex as 1/48. Good cockpit. Good air intake, engine & exhaust. Quality decals.
Franch Battle Tank B1 bis (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:51:00
Franch Battle Tank B1 bis (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:51:00
Marmon Herrington Mk.II Middle East Type (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:47:00
German LWS Amphibious Tractor Early production (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:45:00
Monty`s Hunber (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:41:00
Sd.kfz.250/3 Greif (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:40:00
Japanese Medium Tank Type 97 Chi-ha (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:39:00
AEC `Dorchester` Armor conduct car (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:37:00
M4 High Speed Tractor (3Inch/For 90mm) (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:34:00
Matilda Mk.III/IV British Infantry Tank Mk.IIA (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:32:00
France Somua S35 tank (Plastic model)
Images from No Name 2016/05/19 2:31:00
Schneider CA Early (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:26:00
Heavy Armored Car ADGZ (Late) (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:24:00
British Medium Tank Mk.A Whippet (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:22:00
LVT(A)-2 `Saipan` (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:20:00
British Light Tank Mark VI B North Africa (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:18:00
GAZ M1 Soviet Car `EMKA` (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:15:00
French Saint-Chamond Heavy Tank - Early (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:12:00
Adler Kfz.13 Armored Car MG Gun equipped type (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:09:00
U.S. Tank M26 Pershing (Plastic model)
Images from Pedro Azevedo 2016/05/19 2:07:00
P-26A P-Shooter The 20th Pursuit Group (Plastic model)
Images from P-26A 2016/05/17 7:54:00
Comment from P-26A
* big scale
* good fit overall
* raised rivets & panel lines
* full engine with rotating propller
* engine cowl didn't fit
* full cockpit with detailed instrument panel, side panels, machine guns, control, seat, pedals, etc.
* lost canopy, but scratch-built it
* color scheme is fantasy, but history buffs will know
Harbour Set (Plastic model)
Images from 31510 2016/05/13 11:45:00
Comment from 31510
To complete a naval shipyard, get this kit as well, in addition to the others I posted here. All ships are optional. In this kit are a large dock crane with rotating boom, naval buildings, a oil storage tank, seven pontoons for mooring ships, and a floating dock,
Miritary Factory (3 Pieces) (Plastic model)
Images from SW24 2016/05/13 11:37:00
Comment from SW24
You get three military factories with chimneys on three gray parts trees in this kit.
Military Base (Warehouse, Barracks) (Plastic model)
Comment from SW23 2016/05/13 11:32:00
Sorry for the mix-up. You get three warehouses & three barracks in this kit.
Military Base (Warehouse, Barracks) (Plastic model)
Images from SW23 2016/05/13 11:29:00
Comment from SW23
You get three military factory with chimney on three gray parts trees.
Hanger (Plastic model)
Images from SW13 2016/05/13 11:25:00
Comment from SW13
The kit came with two watch towers & two aircraft hangers. Very little cleanup.
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